Health and medicine are two different things in wearables!

2022-02-03 12:36

In various wearable forums before, I always heard many people say that the medical and health field is very important, but I don't know where to start at the moment. I also always think that this field is because it involves too much interest, and it is too difficult to bypass the system within the system, which will lead to "market and no goods", so no entrepreneurs start to do it.

With investors Wang Sheng teacher yesterday for a discussion of 37 healthy platform, I asked him why he just a startup dare do platform, he said "medical and health or separate", 37 health just do platform, untouched medical the deep water area, then found myself before confuse health and medical care is very general.

Now let's talk about the difference between the two

A healthy

Health below some people health detection and fitness tracking are included, this problem is not very big, because many wristbands heart rate detection and step counting function do together, as well as sleep detection and anti-sedentary do together, they have in common with the word "health" can not get rid of the connection.

At present, there are several serious health testing companies, such as Mumu health, happy Mommy, Kangkang blood pressure, 37 health, datong high blood pressure watch. These products are highly specialized in A certain health test, and once the platform is valued by investors, they will get A large amount of financing. For example, kangkang blood pressure instrument has obtained 30 million RMB pre-A round of financing last month.

In addition, as the center of these products is data, you will see that the tested data will be transferred to the database attached to the App. Users are very concerned about their own data and others' data. The resulting "sick friends" community is also very popular, usually entrepreneurs have to find one or two more professional doctors or professionals in the community to do certain maintenance.

We will not go into details about fitness tracking here. Pedometers, fitness bracelets, exercise bracelets, sleep bracelets and fitness watches all fall into this category. The stickiness of ordinary users depends on ranking mechanism and reward mechanism to maintain, which is also the reason why many people say wristband watches are useless at present, because the stickiness problem has not been solved.

2 medical

This part is the so-called "deep water" part, and it is also the part of people who only observe and do not speak in various dress discussion meetings. They silently observe the movement on the stage with resources in their hands, for fear that they will miss the opportunity if they do not make a move, and for fear that they do not make a move.

However, there are also some medical companies in preparation, such as Hikang Cloud Health, Mindray Biomedical, Beitai Health and Zhongke Huikang. As for how they get involved in wearable medicine, they have their own ways. Some invest money to build physical examination centers, and some continue to cooperate with hospitals and medical institutions through B2B. The so-called "deep water" for them is just to use their advantage again. As for when startups can skip the system and build a fully mobile health system? This remains to be seen!


At this point, entrepreneurs should have a clear idea of where they want to go. Health or medicine? How to do? Can you do it? Once the concept was clear, everything seemed to flow.