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Smart Watch

A smartwatch is a wearable computer in the form of a watch; modern smartwatches provide a local touchscreen interface for daily use, while an associated smartphone app provides for management and t...

Tablet PC

Tablet PC is a mobile, portable personal computer with a touchscreen interface. The tablet PC form factor is typically smaller than a notebook computer, but larger than a mobile phone.The most com...

Health and medicine are two different things in wearables!

In various wearable forums before, I always heard many people say that the medical and health field is very important, but I don't know where to start at the moment. I also always think that this fiel

Entry-level wearable devices, love is never easy

In 2014, wearable devices are booming. Many manufacturers with "background" have entered this field one after another, such as Huawei, Meizu and Xiaomi, which are well-known in China.

How to ensure the safety of wearable devices?

In today's mobile world, industry convergence is more common than ever. With staying connected becoming an important part of everyday life, mobile devices have effectively become the center of modern

In-depth prediction of the future development trend of smart wearable devices

We all know that the motion monitoring function of smart wearable devices is mainly realized by gravity acceleration sensors. Gravity sensor is a very mature technology, and mobile phones have been us

Design and development of smart wristband based on embedded system

With the progress of science and technology, intelligence has become the focus of people's attention, but also more and more close to people's life.  People's demand for healthy lifestyle has spawned